What to do when you can’t find the ‘one’

You have seen all these different dresses that you like, how do you find the ‘one’.

You’ve been looking through bridal magazines and seen so many different bits of dresses that you like.

Or you’ve got this delicious Pinterest board of dresses where you just love bits off of each.

You head into the wedding dress shops and you find a gorgeous selection of gowns that you try on and love, but none are quite the combination of what you have in your minds eye.

There is just so much choice out there, where do you start?

It’s like deciding you’d like to eat chocolate cake, and then you are offered a chocolate fudge, a sponge, a mud, flourless, bliss, black forest, layer, soufflé, devils, red velvet, and more!!! What do you choose?

And then what if you’d like a mud cake with the icing from the fudge cake?

If you find a good designer, they will guide you step-by-step though the process of taking each of the elements in the pictures that you like and putting them together into a gown that you just know will suit you, your personality and your figure.

It’s also the skills of a good designer that get you though this process and help you reach the end goal of your unique gown.

Knowing which elements will work together well is essential.

Don’t get waylaid by a shop that won’t let you add lace sleeves, or says you can’t have a strapless dress with that neckline.

Choosing a wedding dress that will work for you should not be an onerous task.  There are a myriad of designs out there, but if you don’t find the one, don’t be deterred, go looking for someone who can create it for you.  In order to find that designer, there are a few things to look out for:

  1. Just as with the chocolate cakes, there are many different ways that the cake can be created, with both inferior and delicious ingredients. If you start with a cheap cocoa, it is never going to taste as good as starting with a delicious couverture chocolate. Its the same with dresses. You need to find someone who uses quality silk and lace. Using inferior polyester, nylon, polyamide and acetate satins will never give the stunning finished result that can be achieved with silk.
  2. Make sure they draw up what you are thinking on paper so that you have a good place to start.  You need to be able to see what they are thinking and what they are going to make for you before you give them the go ahead.  Many designers will like to mull over your ideas.  Just ask them to text you the sketch.  If the sketch they show you is nothing like what you are thinking, try someone else.
  3. Get a firm price before you agree to start.  You wouldn’t confirm that a builder can start building your house if you’ve not yet agreed on a price. It’s the same with your gown. Ask if there are any additional charges along the way, and if so, what are they for? How does their pricing structure work? What happens if you’re not liking something they’ve done along the way, how much do they charge to change that.
  4. Ask who will be doing your fittings and if it is the same person throughout. You want to build a rapport with them so they understand your figure, your style and have the expertise to get that right for you. You want to click with the designer so that you can have the confidence that they will understand your vision and bring it to life.
  5. Check out their previous work and see that previous clients are happy with the process. There are some unscrupulous operators in the wedding industry who put out false reviews, so double check more than one source for your feedback.

Once you’ve made your decision, relax, enjoy the process and at the same time stay true to the things that matter to you.

All the best

be breathtaking Sally x