Wedding Style Tips for Your Man

So your dress is selected.. super exciting!! But, what is your dearly beloved going to wear??? Would it be too corny to match you?
wedding tips for your groom

Wedding Style Tips for Your Man

So your dress is selected.. super exciting!!  But, what is your dearly beloved going to wear???  Would it be too corny to match you?

There will be a gazillion photos of the two of you, so you want to look amazing together.  Will he understand how important that is for you?  How do you avoid him finding out what you have planned for yourself?  What if he wants to wear something that you really don’t like?


Don’t panic!  First things first… ask him what he has in mind.  (I didn’t know my man loves to wear bright colours until I asked.)

Your fella may have really clear ideas.  Whatever they are, listen and take that on board.

Let him know how important it is to you that the two of you look your best on the day.

You will want his style to ooze forth.  So don’t get too sucked into the latest fashions as your photos will date very quickly.  But, just as with you, he will look best if his personality shines through what he is wearing.

Importantly, he also needs to feel comfortable.

wedding tips for your groom, style


Now that you know what he’s thinking, and how much input he’d like from you… have a look at your colour scheme.  Just as you stand out from your bridesmaids, he needs to stand out from his groomsmen.  The easiest way to do this is for your man to match you, and the groomsmen to match back to your bridesmaids.

Open shirt, Neck tie or Bow tie?

Some of the most stunning looks we’ve seen are when the groom’s tie or bow tie that matches the gown.

Please ensure the neck tie is a width he likes (somewhere between 6.5 and 10.5 cm) and is really long because a short tie is never attractive.

If he has a bow tie, find one that is the right size for his neck/collar size so that he can untie it towards the end of the night, very James Bond, very sexy debonaire!  If he’s not sure how to tie it, we have a video on YouTube to help him out.

And for your ties, silk is definitely best.  It has a different feel and lustre to a polyester tie.  And, if it’s a lovely handmade piece, all the more special for your wedding day.

wedding fashion tips for grooms, with a bow tie

The next consideration is the shirt:

If you are in ivory/cream/oyster, won’t he make you look dirty if he wears a white shirt?  The answer is no.  Even if he has an ivory tie to match your gown, you will find the shirt will just look smart and crisp if it’s white.  And, due to the trousers being darker, it doesn’t make your ivory look dirty.

If he’s having a bow tie, consider the buttons as they will show.  There are three great options… covered buttons (by a placket), pearly buttons (if the bow tie is a light shade), or black round buttons if the bow tie is black.

We recommend you get a lovely thick cotton or silk shirt that fits him well.  And, if you’re going the whole hog, french cuffs and cuff links really add that lovely finishing touch.

wedding tips how to dress your groom, silk tie

The suit:

Is a wool suit going to be too warm?  A wool suit that is superfine (wool from a sheep that has grown super dooper fine) will breathe and should not crease.  Scrunch it in your hand in the shop, and if it doesn’t crease too badly, he should be fine.  Charcoal, grey, navy, black, … all look great with ivory.  It’s special to have a beautiful suit.  It doesn’t even have two match his groomsmen (remember, he needs to stand out too).

Don’t forget to order a button hole flower from your florist to compliment your bouquet.  Ask for the stem to be slim enough to slip through the button hole and be pinned underneath so you just see the flower.

A vest:

What about a vest?  They can look great!  Just consider the weather and how warm his temperature runs.  If he’s a hot blooded fella and you’re considering a vest, then find a backless one.  Also, find a shirt that is a slim fit to his fisique because a baggy shirt sitting out of a vest is not a good look.  Ask your designer if you can order a vest in your fabric too.  Super cute!

wedding tips for your groom, ready for the day

Finishing touch:

A pocket handkerchief that matches you really finishes the whole look.  (Depending on how dexterous he is, you may want to fold it the day before and pop it into his jacket pocket.)  Just have a look on YouTube.  There is a gorgeous bloke who will run through 851 ways to fold a pocket handkerchief.  But I prefer three options – plain folded, scrunched (Fred Astaire style), and my favourite the shell.

Some designers will create these elements for you, so just ask!  If you’re having it made in your fabric, you don’t need to tell him that, just let him you you’ve organised the tie and bits to work nicely with your gown, and then present them to him.

And last but not least… enjoy your day!!

take his breath away, Sally x

ps  We’d love to hear what looks best on your man… please post it below!