From beginner to master sewing classes. Specifically in gown construction.

Gown construction classes

The fashion industry often has a secretive reputation.  We believe the fashion world would benefit from a rich sharing of knowledge and skills and make a concerted effort to share what we've learned.

We offer two classes:


A two day master class in which participants measure, draft and make their own moulage (mould) of their figure.  Basic pattern making skills are explained so participants then create a pattern to suit their own individual figure.


We offer a Wednesday evening classes in gown construction techniques.  Participants have the opportunity to create a gown of their choice, with step-by-step instructions.  Talented students have created deb dresses, wedding gowns, formal dresses, competition entries and more!

This course is particularly worthwhile for year 12 students wishing to create a gown for their folio piece.  To date, all our final year students have achieved 100% for their garment section of their folio.

Contact us for further information on pricing and spaces available in our sewing classes.

Our fabulous students

& some of the gowns they've created

Many of these stunning photographs are by The Garage Studio, check them out!