Erin's wedding dress feature of corded lace. 


Radiant inside and out! Erin selected cap sleeves, a circle train for fullness and depth, all hand stitched together to ensure a...
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Design sketch of grandmother of the bride outfit. 


Our challenge was to create a pant suit in a very light stretch silk, and an accompanying double silk satin undershirt with...
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Filomena's feature mother of the bride outfit. 


We are privileged to have met and created this outfit for this lovely and engaging lady. We created this bias cut double satin...
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Wedding dress feature of lace for Carmel. 


Marilyn Monroe is still considered one of the sexiest women ever. She had quite a voluptuous figure with a tiny waist  (just...
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Design sketch of wedding gown for Raina. 


Raina is one of those beautiful people who simply deserves beautiful things. We hand beaded her lace, created pleating across the bust,...
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Design sketch of mother of bride for Moira. 


Moira found an end of run Christian Dior embroidered rose and cream lace, and teamed it back with a matching cream silk...
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Jo's dress feature of wedding gown of lace. 


It was such a delight to create this stunning gown with Jo, and her gorgeous little bundle of joy, Eva. Jo’s lovely...
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Design sketch of wedding gown for Teresa. 


Teresa had already found her perfect mother of the bride dress and needed something to really complete the outfit. We created an over-jacket...
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Design sketch of royal wedding suit for Anna. 


Anna desired a tailored bespoke suit to wear to the Royal Wedding! This was interesting for us, as Anna was already in London. So,...
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Design sketch of wedding gown for Rachael. 


Rachael chose something very special for her design… We took the guipure lace from her mum’s (now vintage) wedding gown, dyed it...
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