This petite bombshell has a killer smile and a warmth that glows.  We worked with Nicole to put incorporate a range of...
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We will miss meeting with Gemma for her fittings… such a lovely, lovely person who’s stunning smile and gentle warmth was such a...
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Design sketch of wedding gown for Melinda. 


The amazingly creative and down to earth Melinda was seeking a gown with flow and movement whilst highlighting her lovely womanly curves.  The...
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Design sketch of bridesmaid's dress for Kellie. 


We were requested to create a bridesmaids dress with shot silk aubergine fabric which the bride had purchased whilst in Thailand.  We...
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Design sketch of chiffon formal dress for Alana. 


This wonderful lady Alana was seeking a sunset inspired gown for her end of school formal. We sourced this striking ombre silk...
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Florence wedding designer silk gown & sketch. 


This studio gown is available to touch, test and sample. Created an a deep vintage oyster shade in silk crepe satin with...
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Wedding dress feature for Eveline. 


John’s admiring gaze swept over Eveline as he turned to her. It was such a pleasure to create this exquisite gown with...
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Wedding dress feature for Christine. 


The smashing Christine loves colour.  Bright, bold, exciting colour, and not one to be shy, wanted that to flow through into her...
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Design sketch of lace wedding gown for Milly. 


The charming and gorgeous Milly selected an exquisite Sophie Hallette french chantilly lace as an overlay.  The boat neck overlay has a delicious...
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Vienna wedding designer silk beaded gown. 


This studio gown is available to touch and sample. The strapless fully corsetted bodice of silk queen satin has a beautiful beaded lace...
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