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Thank you so much for “the most amazing dress in the world” EVER! Love your work. I’m SO happy with it.

I LOVED every part of the experience. It was great to be involved in all the decision making, every step of the way.

Thanks again for everything you’ve done for me – I was one very happy bride on the day,” love Vanessa

This amazingly gorgeous lady approached us with a challenge.  To create an art deco feel to her gown, but with flowers.  Together, we developed this double silk satin bias cut skirt, in a stunning rich champagne colour, and stitched individual beaded lace pieces in a symmetrical fashion to create the art deco feel.  The beaded lace across the back forms a keyhole with a stunning hand beaded clasp.  Vanessa also requested a separate corset which can be worn again under any strapless gown.

Here are her beautiful photos!  xx

15_vanessa_corset 15_vanessa_garter 15_vanessa_corset1 15_vanessa_dresses 15_vanessa_laughing 15_vanessa_girls 15_vanessa_walks_bw 15_vanessa_side 15_vanessa_kiss 15_vanessa_trees 15_vanessa_back 15_vanessa_car 15_vanessa_back1 15_vanessa_skirt 15_vanessa_bw2 15_vanessa_bw 15_vanessa_back2 15_vanessa_sparkles 15_vanessa_shoulder 15_vanessa_ring 15_vanessa_flowers 15_vanessa_sits 15_vanessa_feet 15_vanessa_fabric  15_vanessa_rfur 15_vanessa_dancing Design sketch of wedding gown for Vanessa

These truly stunning photographs are by Lemonade Lane.  Check them out!