Design sketch of wedding gown for Roxy.

Project Info

Client Roxy
Skills Hand stitched beaded lace

Project Description

This was another of our long distance brides. Roxy lives four hours out of Mt Isa, so we’ve not had the pleasure of meeting in person. We measured Roxy over Skype, created her corset and posted it up to her. A bridesmaid then fit her over Skype. Post corset back to us. We then fit the gown to the adjustments made to the corset, and sent the final completed masterpiece up to her. In future, we would complete the corset, then post it again to double check before proceeding as Roxy had the waist pulled in a little after it arrived.

A combination of placed beaded lace pieces, and beautiful light flowing godets (the inserts in the skirt to add volume) created a stunning gown.