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Jane took Billy’s breath away! (How do we know??  He told us so!)

We are fortunate in this life when we meet people who resonate with our own soul, and then to have them getting married, and to have the opportunity to design a gown with them… superb!

Jane flew down from NSW to view fabrics and fell in love with a beautiful ivory sequinned silk.  (As we were in the city, Jane was measured – yes all 38 measurements, in a cafe/bar in Spring Street!)  This fabric was developed into a strapless gown (fully corseted) with a bloused out front panel, and into a body hugging skirt with a deep back split.  Sexy, stylish, stunning and sparkly (just like Jane).

I wanted my gown to have a simple, classic and long line, with minimal detailing beyond a beautiful fabric and fit. Sally took that bare brief and created the perfect gown for me. The gown took shape over only one conversation – I have a copy of that original sketch Sally did and each time I look at it, I am reminded how easy Sally made it for me and to know I had the perfect gown. It’s like she could see with my mind’s eye, and sketch what she saw on the page.  My gown is entirely sequinned, in a warm pale cream, a classic, floor-length strapless column, with a long slit on one side, reaching just above my knee. This meant I could have a long, lean line in the skirt but still walk, sit and dance easily. Amazingly, the sequinned fabric can be dyed another colour in the future if I choose, but it’s so beautiful I can’t bring myself to do that just yet!

From start to finish Sally’s work blew my mind! Given we live a state away from each other- I’m in Newcastle and Sally is in Melbourne – we had limited time and opportunity for fittings. We had to maximise the work on the gown in the time we had together. Sally was beyond incredible. On one occasion she worked overnight, essentially completing three fittings and the work in between each, into one visit to her studio. Overnight she took the gown from her butcher’s paper pattern to fiting me with the three layers of the gown’s actual fabric. The only other – and final! –  fitting happened in my home in Newcastle, as my heavy work commitments meant I couldn’t get down to Victoria. Sally landed in Newcastle at 11pm on a Saturday night, completed the final fitting, slept for a few hours and was back on the 6am flight home to Melbourne. She is so passionate about her craft and extremely generous with her time and talents.

One of the reasons Mussared gowns are so remarkable is because of Sally’s talent for creating corsetry from scratch. I have learned from Sally that there is a huge difference between made-to-order and made-to-measure! Made-to-measure is where the magic happens! My gown was so beautifully well-fitted that nothing slipped or moved, and there was none of that annoying hitching-up of the top as can happen with some strapless dresses. This is because Sally constructed the gown around an in-built bra structure and bodice boning that she created by hand in her own studio. Sally’s uses woven metal bones which give firmness and structure but allow for movement in all directions, unlike cheap plastic boning that only bends in one direction. I saw the smooth metal woven bones before they were sewn in – they are actually really beautiful. They flex in all directions and don’t cut in uncomfortably.

I cannot recommend Sally and her team at Mussared Design Studio highly enough, nor describe how talented and caring a designer Sally is. My gown speaks for itself – it was perfect, stunning and exactly as I had envisioned, and there is not another gown like it on the planet! Sally made that magic happen.” Jane




be breathtaking Sally x