Project Info

Client Jacqui
Skills Hand stitched lace

Project Description

Sally and the team at Mussared were so welcoming and made me feel really comfortable at every fitting.  Sally was really understanding and made sure that I was consulted along the way.

I had so many wonderful comments on my wedding day and just loved everything about my dress!

Thank you beautiful Sally and the team at Mussared.   You were so professional and I loved everything about my dress.  It made my wedding day so special and something I will treasure forever!!!

ps the tip on how to tie the perfect bow was fantastic!! Something I’ve used time and time again.” xoxo Jacqui

We were fortuatous to be on the ‘right side of town’ for the adorable Jacqui.  (If a three hour drive can be referred to as ‘right’.)

It was a pleasure to create this stunning double silk satin gown with hand pleated overlay silk satin chiffon skirt.  Completed with placed lace on the bodice and a pure silk satin ribbon bow.


14_jacqui_dress2 14_jacqui_dress_top 14_jacqui_dress_back_close 14_jacqui_getting_dressed 14_jacqui_dressed 14_jacqui_bow 14_jacqui_girls 14_jacqui_turning 14_jacqui_bow_bw 14_jacqui_dad 14_jacqui_arrives2 14_jacqui_taking 14_jacqui_car_close 14_jacqui_embracing

14_jacqui_walking 14jacqui2 14jacqui

This lovely photography is by Katie Hillary.