Project Info

Client Erin
Skills Hand stitched lace

Project Description

Nothing was too much or too hard. Sally was always happy to accommodate any request or change!
I loved making my buttons!
I am in love with my gown.  Much love,”  Erin

This bright and warm hearted lady selected a fully corseted double silk satin sweet heart gown with corded chantilly overlay and long lace sleeves which she set off with wonderfully vibrant red roses and shoes.


14_erin_shoes 14_erin_cuff links 14_erin_walking_close 14_erin_walking_feet2 14_erin_walking_bw 14_erin_arrives 14_erin_aisle 14_erin_registry 14_erin_rice 14_erin_door2 14_erin_door_close2 14_erin_coffee2 14_erin_artspire 14_erin_back 14_erin_side 14_erin_water 14_erin_evening 14erin

Photography by Sandra and Alison at Magnolia Images.

Flowers by Woops A Daisy Florist.

Reception at The Willows.