Beautiful image from a Mussared gown wedding

No we’re not on that registry, and proud of it!!

We are really grateful when our clients share their experience with us on social media and through wedding blogs. We work really hard to ensure brides end up with gowns that are an extension of their personality, so they feel amazing on your wedding day. We have the skills to work to bring your dream to life, and are our perfectionist tendencies ensure we will deliver something more amazing that you thought possible So, we love it when people share that, because then others can get a peek into our creative experience to understand if it is right for them. And, we can keep working with gorgeous clients. The wheels all keep turning for everyone.

And yet, there are a number of bridal online sites that our gorgeous clients put their ratings and comments into, and yet no one ever sees what they write.

Well, that’s not strictly true, we often get sent an email saying:
“You’ve got another 5 star review and I’m sure you’d like us to share this with other prospective brides. All you need to do is pay thousands of dollars per year and we will put it up for you. We can show the world what someone has written about their experience, just pay us the money.”

I’m sure there are a number of big players out there who can afford to pay all these different sites the money to list their company, unfortunately, we are not in that category.

Actually, some of the big players list themselves as couture dress makers, and yet they simply import gowns and then alter them to fit. As a maker who creates genuine couture gowns by taking 38 measurements and starting each and every gown from scratch, working from the ground up to create pure silk gowns that are both truly unique and exceptionally beautiful, it is such a falsehood for prospective clients to believe other suppliers are creating a gown “just for them” when it is simply being mass produced and altered to fit. It’s a sham.

So, please don’t be surprised that you do not find us on lots of these bridal listings, because we are not prepared to pay thousands to have your reviews listed. If you’d like to leave us a review, please do so on our social media, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, our website or better yet, Google.

take his breath away, Sally x

P.S Lovely photography by Donovan Chin Photography