Fashion Industry Secrets

Why is the fashion industry so secretive? How does it help the cause? The food industry has flourished from worthwhile chefs sharing what they know. It's time for the fashion industry to wake up.
Melbourne fashion designer avoids secrets

No more secrets

You may have noticed how closed and secretive the fashion (especially bridal) industry really is. My first encounter with secrecy was at 15 as a school work experience student in a large fashion house. I spent (as work experience students tend to do) stuffing envelopes with marketing materials and in the quality control department checking hang tags. But, on the last day I was asked what I really wanted to do. My request to spend time in the design department was met with hushed whispers and concerned looks. Finally, (as long as I promised not to tell anyone what I had seen) I was allowed to spend an hour in the design area. Whoopie!!

Unfortunately, in more than twenty years, our industry does not seem to have opened up. I have a dear friend who is a photographer, and they are so supportive of each other, holding workshops, forums and all sorts. Sigh…

Three years back I opened up to teach students how to construct a couture gown. So far, three year twelve students, all got 100% on their gown, and all are at RMIT studying fashion. I also teach master classes in how to measure, draft and create you own moulage (French for mould) of the body. This can be stuffed into an individual mannequin and the moulage used to create the basis for all patterns for that figure.

And now…. I’d like to share with the big wide world what I have learnt and discovered over the last twenty plus years since I finished my BA in Fashion at RMIT. Specifically in knowledge in couture (french drafting in particular), corsetry (with some old fashioned techniques), fabric selection and wedding day tips.

I hope you join me on this journey to share fashion industry secrets and feel comfortable to ask me anything (I’ll do my best). xx