Love your best friend's wedding gown but don't want to be a copy cat?

Do you have ideas of how you'd like to look on your wedding day, but are not sure how to make that a reality?

Love your best friend’s wedding gown but don’t want to be a copy cat?

Have ideas of how you’d like to look on your wedding day… how do you make your dream a reality?

How old were you when you had your first vision of yourself on your wedding day?  I know I started with an idea of big puffy sleeves and a hell-ave-skirt!  Thankfully for me, most ideas will morph into your own style as you mature.

And then you get engaged (super exciting!) and you start to look through bridal stores…

There are those who stock imported dresses that can look good in photos, but tend to feel scratchy.  Unfortunately, none of them fulfil your vision, and they can’t be changed.

Then there’s the top end designers who have delicious options that feel divine, but they only allow minor changes and still don’t reach your dream ideal.

Surely it must be possible?!  You’ve seen a photo on Pinterest, or Instagram, or attended a wedding and their dress was just perfect!

Paige did just that.  She attended her dear friend Erin’s wedding.  But how could Paige have the same dress, especially when guests who attended Erin’s would also be attending hers?

We created a beautiful uplifting experience, together with Paige, starting with Erin’s gown as the inspiration.  We showed Paige a variety of laces and she chose a unique lace that she loved.  (One step towards her own gown.)  Paige considered a strapless dress, so we started with a fully corseted structure.  (Step two towards Paige’s own.)  In front of the mirror, Paige selected the depth and shape of the neckline to suit her style and figure.  (More individuality.)

As the fittings progresses, Paige made more design decisions as her gown became an extension of her personality.  The sexy skirt shape and fabulously full train remained constants.

At the last minute, after a sleepless night, concerned with the straplessness, Paige had an extra fitting to consider options.  We then created a detachable lace halter neck so Paige could remove it if she felt bold.

Paige had a beautiful experience selecting the design elements which were an extension of her style and personality.

Thank you for being patient, and thank you so much for my stunning gown I can’t stop raving about you and how beautiful the process way.  My dress is perfect… I felt so beautiful on the day.  xx”  Paige

139 Mussared brides and Paige are happy.  Be like Paige.





What dress do you love?  Post your inspirational dress photos below…