How to select your wedding dress?

What are the most important things to consider in selecting a wedding dress? Wedding fashion designer at Mussared gives a step by step how to guide.
Wedding dress designer sketch ideas.

How to select your wedding dress

What are the most important things to consider in selecting a wedding dress?  We’ll go through this step by step because there is just so much choice in wedding dress options, so where does one start???

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…

Step One – Personality traits

The very most important consideration is who am I?  Who are you? What aspects of your personality would you like to shine forth on your wedding day?

This is a day of celebration of your relationship, one in which you are on show and friends and family will gather around to celebrate with you.  So, what part of you do you want on display and to be remembered by those who attend, and the countless photographs will capture.

Step Two – Eyes

Eyes are the window to the soul (are they not?).  The most beautiful brides are those who let their eyes shine.  Two aspects are important here… neckline and colour.  What neckline best shows off your eyes?  And what shade of colour brings out their depths? (Even if you’re thinking traditional white, fabrics are like paint colours, there are a plethora of shades from optical white, off white, ivory, champagne, oyster… which all look traditionally bridal on the day.)

Step Three – Silhouette

Consider your figure (honestly).  How can we highlight your waist best?  The waist is the key to a lovely silhouette.  If the waist is emphasised, we all look sexier.  Think of Marilyn Monroe, considered (still) to be one of the sexiest women ever.  She had a voluptuous figure with a slim waist.  Think here about if you’ll need corsetry to help shape the figure.

If you’re waist is a large or protruded, consider a corset to create shape, or choose a style that references your body along your ribs.

What aspects of your figure do you like least?  For some it’s the thighs, so consider a fuller skirt.  If its a small bust, consider a plunging neckline, and for a fuller bust, consider a straighter neckline.

It can be helpful to try on some styles in boutiques to see if there is a silhouette shape that works best for you.  You may find something perfect off the rack.  Alternatively, have a ponder at your own wardrobe and consider what you have that you love and why it works for you.  It may be the colour, but it may be the shape.

Step Four – Fabric

Do you want lace?  If so, what type of lace reflects your personality.  Do you like fine sheer fabrics?  Do you like sparkles?  Should it be beaded?

Then consider which weight and weave of fabric (silk of course) will work best with the silhouette you desire.

Step Five – Find a designer

It is amazing how much clearer a wedding dress design is when you see it in black and white.  Request a sketch.  Get some quotes.  Consider all your wedding dress options.  Plunge in, and have a wonderful wedding day!!

ps If you’re after some wedding dress ideas, have a look through our gallery of sketches, there’s plenty of design sketches!