Bride Jane in Mussared Strapless Gown

How to have a hoick-free wedding

Let’s say you’re thinking about your ideal wedding dress. You’d like to have it strapless, because it would look just gorgeous on you, and you’ve always dreamed of having a strapless dress for your wedding! But then an unpleasant thought intrudes – who wants to spend the whole of their wedding day hoicking their dress up in front of those who matter most to them? How awfully unattractive, and awkward to boot!

Don’t let that doubt sink in!

A well made strapless dress should fit so well there is never any hocking required. Never Ever!

And we will ensure you never have to. Don’t believe us?

You see, if the structure of a strapless gown is expertly constructed, it will stay exactly where it should be, holding you in place, and stopping any dreaded nip-slips!

We are so serious about our strapless gowns that we have a consultant engineer. Yes, I’m serious! We have been faced with the issue of ensuring a strapless dress is as strong if not stronger than a strapped gown, and faced difficulties along the way. So, we’ve consulted with an engineer (aerospace no less) to advise us on what should be done.

The first time, we were advised to think of our problem like a suspension bridge. Now, I studied physics at school, but that was a really long time ago, and I’m not sure I was ever taught the engineering principles behind a suspension bridge! Thankfully, our engineer broke the example down into advice about where exactly we needed to ensure there was support, and where should be rigid.

Together with our experience in corsetry construction corsetry techniques utilised in the 1800’s (considering the physiology of women of our era) we combined our use of French drafting techniques to ensure our gowns, strapless or not, fit like a glove!

We then found the highest quality supplier of spiral steel boning, and teamed this with an underwire bra, to create a supportive, unobtrusive, and comfortable corset, which will stay put no matter how hard you boogie on the dance floor!

We had a gorgeous bride with a generous H cup who announced that she felt so supported in her strapless gown that she “could play tennis in this!”. And I can promise you she did not hoick once during her wedding (she told us so).

You will also be pleased to discover you can have your strapless gown with a plunging back, all the way down to your waistline! We’ve done it, with thanks to our engineer. The waist is the foundation that supports your gown, and holds it all where it should be. The boning holds the bra in place, with silk organza to hold it secure.

The end result is a gown that is both uplifting and breathtaking! We are now completely confident to state we have a ‘No-Hoick Policy’! We guarantee our strapless gowns will not require hoicking on your wedding day.


be breathtaking Sally x