from the studio

Should you go strapless?

Should you be wearing a strapless dress?  What do you look out for?  Is a corset always needed?  Can that dreadful hoiking of the top of...
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The veiled selection

Do you need to wear a veil on your wedding day?  How do you chose a veil?  Are there fabric options?  Veil design options? In modern...
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Unravelling lace

How do you know what lace is what?  How do you tell the difference between one lace and the next? There are three types of...
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The Bias Cut

Have you ever wondered how Pippa Middleton’s dress managed to slink down her body so beautifully?  It was bias cut.  But what is bias cut?  What...
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Is it silk or satin?

What’s the difference between silk and satin?  Is there even a difference?  Can fabric be both silk and satin?  Reading Fifty Shades of Grey (I’m...
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