Couture Mussared gown under construction

Before you say YES to ‘couture’ know this…

Not long after a gorgeous client of ours was married in a Mussared gown developed just for her, she caught up with us and let us know that her friend was recently engaged and she was encouraging her to come and see us to develop her gown too.
However we received another call from our client to let us know that her friend had booked a gown with one of the big bridal houses because they were creating a gown just for her for only 2/3 of the cost of what we could make something for her.

I was fine with this because we don’t all have the same budget, and I would in no way begrudge someone for choosing to spend more on this and less on that. Each to their own. I love beautiful gowns and gorgeous photos, but everyone is different and I totally get that.

Anyway, I think I’ve got an update. Our client went with her friend to her first fitting. Our client had loved her first fitting with us as we spent it getting the depth of the neckline right, the flow of the skirt, the overall gown shape and for her, started some of the lace placement. (We had already taken her 38 measurements when we designed her gown).

Anyway, they walk in this big bridal house together, and the friend is so excited. The staff member asks for a payment from her. And once that’s complete, says “thanks for coming”.
The friend replied “am I not going to have a fitting?”
“Oh, your dress is not yet ready for a fitting.”, the staff member replies.
“But you haven’t taken my measurements?”
“We didn’t need to take your measurements, we were able to work out your size from the sample you tried on. Would you like to try it on again?”
“But I thought the dress was being made for me?”
“It is. When it is ready, you can come in and try it on and we will make any necessary adjustments.”

The truth of the matter is that the bridal house has ordered at the same size as the sample from their factory they work with (in China most likely), and when it arrives, they will simply adjust it to fit.

Now if you prefer to spend your money on a dress off the rack, then go for it, I’ve no problems with that. But I have issues with a shop that makes brides feel as though they are getting a couture dress, when it is simply not the case. The friend is not chasing the same depth of her neckline, the ghost of the back of the dress, where they would like the lace pattern to sit, the height and waist placement of the skirt, the size and the shape of the train and all the other wonderful little details along the way that will make the gown truly theirs, a glowing representation of their personality and style.

Please don’t be fooled. There are really only a small number of us out there who will truly bring your dream to life by creating a gown with you from the ground up.

If this is what you are after, we’d love to hear from you.

take his breath away, Sally x

PS: Superb photography by White Shutter Photography